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Turning traditional pickup design on its head, quite literally


The 77 marries classic single coil tones with a modern, innovative construction to create something completely unique, yet familiar. It captures the definition of a single coil and the attack and warmth of a P90, and perhaps best of all, it maintains completely hum-free operation without feeling sterile or muddy.

Tones like these can only be produced when the conventional guitar pickup is reimagined from the ground up. Its sideways Alnico IV or V bar magnets produce even volume across all strings without any dead spots when bending, and the custom 3D-printed bobbin design allows for enough turns of wire to produce an authentic, noiseless P90 sound and feel within the constraints of a traditional humbucker size.

The 77’s balanced, articulate response lends itself to the most pristine clean tones, yet it maintains perfect note definition under high gain. It is suitable for almost any style imaginable, lead or rhythm playing, vintage vibes and modern precision; much like the highway from which it borrows its name, it is guaranteed to take you anywhere you need to go.



  • Your choice of Alnico 4 or Alnico 5 magnets
  • 8.0kohm
  • 4 conductor
  • Carbon Fiber infused bobbin material
*Not recommended for the the bridge position in guitars equipped with a tremolo system*
Ring Cover Finish
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