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Blackwater Bridge

Blackwater Bridge

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Blackwater – where power meets precision in perfect harmony. Named after Blackwater Falls, WV This pickup embodies the strength and versatility that every modern guitarist craves.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Blackwater features a commanding large ceramic magnet, providing an unparalleled magnetic field for a robust and dynamic sound. The innovation doesn't stop there – with heavy offset asymmetrical coils, this humbucker takes your tone to new heights.

What sets the Blackwater apart is its daring asymmetry. One coil, wound with 42awg wire, meets its counterpart wound with 43awg wire, creating a captivating imbalance. This intentional departure from perfect phase cancellation results in extended harmonic content that will elevate your playing experience. The asymmetry also lends itself to a gentle midrange scoop, offering a unique tonal profile that sets the Blackwater apart from the rest.

Dive into the world of beautiful split coil tones, thanks to the carefully crafted asymmetry. The 12kohm output ensures that your sound is not only powerful but also clear and defined. The Blackwater is the epitome of high-fidelity (hifi) sound, making it the ideal choice for those in search of a modern active humbucker experience, coupled with the flexibility of a passive pickup.

But the magic of the Blackwater doesn't stop there – its passive nature brings exceptional dynamics to your playing. Revel in the responsiveness and nuance that only a passive pickup can deliver, providing you with complete control over your sonic journey.

For those who demand more from their music, the Blackwater  is the pinnacle of innovation, offering a perfect blend of power, precision, and passion. Unleash your creativity and experience the next level of guitar pickups with the Blackwater – where asymmetry meets excellence.


  • 12 kohm
  • Ceramic Magnet
  • Asymmetrical Wind
  • 4 Conductor Wiring
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