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Introducing The Mothboy: Son of the Mothman

Step into a realm of unparalleled tone with The Mothboy, our homage to the iconic hot PAF. Crafted with precision and passion, The Mothboy boasts a symmetrical wind that delivers a robust midrange, ensuring your guitar cuts through any mix with unwavering clarity.

At its core, The Mothboy harnesses a beefy 10Kohm output, infusing your sound with added power and a luxuriously thick low end that resonates with every note you play. Coupled with an Alnico 4 magnet, this pickup offers a smoother top end, providing a balanced and refined sonic experience that transcends genres.

But that's not all—The Mothboy features two rows of pole pieces meticulously arranged for maximum clarity and definition. Each note rings out with unparalleled precision, ensuring that every subtle nuance of your playing shines through.

Whether you're shredding through high-gain riffs or delicately exploring clean melodies, The Mothboy remains steadfast, delivering a rich tone without ever veering into shrillness. It's the perfect companion for players who crave the classic warmth of vintage pickups but demand more power and versatility.

Experience the magic of The Mothboy and elevate your playing to new heights. From Bluegrass to Black Metal, this pickup is your key to unlocking a world of sonic possibilities.  

Did I mention this thing is thick?


  • 10Kohm 
  • Short Alnico 4
  • Symmetric Wind
  • 4 Conductor 
  • Double Poles


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