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OAF Vintage Spec

OAF Vintage Spec

The Art of Tone: Embracing the Uniqueness of the OAF

In the pursuit of crafting the OAF, we acknowledge and celebrate the fact that the legendary PAF pickups of yesteryear were as diverse as the music they helped create. Unlike modern pickups with standardized specifications, the vintage PAF era was marked by a lack of definitive specifications, leading to a wide range of sonic variations among the originals.

Embracing Variability:
Just like the cherished PAFs of the past, the OAF embraces the inherent variability that comes with the absence of strict standardization. We understand that the magic of those vintage tones lies in their individuality, and we've designed the OAF with that very principle in mind. This means that each OAF Humbucker is a unique piece of craftsmanship, offering players the opportunity to explore the nuanced subtleties that define their own sonic fingerprint.

Customize Your Tone Journey:
By allowing you to select your preferred magnet type and output level, the OAF empowers you to recreate the elusive PAF magic in a way that suits your personal taste. Whether you're drawn to the warm embrace of Alnico II, the balanced sweetness of Alnico III, or the robust strength of Alnico V, the OAF ensures that your tone journey is as diverse and expressive as the vintage guitars that inspired it.

Vintage Correct Materials:

We understand that authenticity matters, which is why the OAF is constructed using only the finest vintage correct materials. From the enamel-coated wire to the butyrate bobbins and maple spacers, every component is carefully selected to recreate the magic of the classic PAF pickups. Immerse yourself in the rich, dynamic tones that defined the sounds of yesteryear, all while enjoying the reliability and craftsmanship of modern manufacturing.

Balanced and Articulate Tone:

The OAF is designed to deliver a balanced and articulate tone across the entire frequency spectrum. Whether you're digging into gritty blues riffs, soaring through expressive solos, or laying down fat jazz chords, the OAF responds with clarity and musicality. Experience the nuances of your playing like never before as the OAF captures every subtle detail, providing a truly immersive sonic experience.

Versatile Applications:

From classic rock to jazz, blues to country, the OAF is versatile enough to excel in a variety of musical genres. Its responsiveness to different playing styles and genres makes it an ideal choice for players who demand flexibility without compromising on vintage tonal authenticity.

Step into a realm where variability is celebrated, and each note played on the OAF becomes a unique expression of your individuality. The OAF Humbucker: Your sound, your story, your way.

Availble Options:

  • Outputs 7.6kohm, 8.0kohm, 9.6kohm
  • Magnets: Rough cast AII, AIII, AIV, AV
  • Braided conductor
  • Unpotted

*All pickups built to order. Please allow 7-14 business days*

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