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Introducing The Sophia (Pronounced SOf-Ya) Jazz Bass Pickup Set - Your Passport to Authentic Country, Classic Rock, And Blues Bass Tones!


At the heart of the Sophia Jazz Bass Pickup Set lies the story of collaboration. Named after Sophia, West Virginia, hometown of Nick Blake, bassist for country artist Sunny Sweeney. Nick, whose unmistakable bass lines have graced countless stages, needed a set of pickups that could deliver an unparalleled combination of clean, powerful low end and timeless twang to create the foundation for his live performances.

Nick’s quest for the perfect pickup set led him to AXYS. With the Sophia pickups, Nick found the deep, resonant low end that anchors Sunny Sweeney's live sound. The rich fundamentals and power made the Sophia set the obvious choice for a bassist whose skill is demanded by the best in the business.

When you choose the Sophia Jazz Bass Pickup Set, you're not just getting a set of pickups; you're stepping into the world of Nick Blake and his live performances that rumble audiences. These pickups have been put to the test by Nick in the most demanding environments, and they've consistently delivered outstanding results.

Deep, Resonant Low End: Roll down the tone control, and the Sophia pickups reveal their hidden gem. These pickups are renowned for their powerful low end, which becomes the backbone of your live band's sound. Feel the stage vibrate as you lay a rock-solid foundation for the entire band, ensuring your performance is nothing short of legendary.

Soulful Country Twang: Experience the heart and soul of country music in every note you play. The Sophia pickups are crafted to deliver that unmistakable twang that defines the country bass sound. From walking basslines to fingerstyle picking, you'll capture the essence of the open plains, deep South and most importantly, the mountains of Appalachia, all in the comfort of your own bass.

Classic Rock Power: When you're ready to turn up the volume and rock out, the Sophia set doesn't miss a beat. They effortlessly transition from country twang to gnarly rock power, delivering rich, punchy tones that will make your basslines stand out in the mix. Think legendary rock anthems and unforgettable bass solos.

Unparalleled Versatility: Versatility is the name of the game with the Sophia set. Whether you're a seasoned country plucker, classic rock enthusiast, or a bluesman, these pickups adapt to your style with grace. Play with confidence, knowing that you have the right tools for the job, no matter the genre.

Precision Craftsmanship: The Sophia set is meticulously crafted using the highest quality materials. They're designed to fit seamlessly into your Jazz Bass, ensuring a hassle-free installation process. Plus, their durable construction guarantees they'll stand the test of time, even on the road.

Inspired by Tradition: Drawing inspiration from the roots of country and classic rock music, these pickups capture the essence of the artists who have shaped these genres. They've been fine-tuned to pay homage to the legends while offering a unique voice that's all your own.

The Sophia Jazz Bass Pickup Set is not just a set of pickups; it's a sonic journey that takes you through the heartland of American music. Whether you're playing at a local bar or in front of thousands, the Sophia set will be your trusty companion.

Elevate your bass playing and transport your audience to the heart of Sophia, West Virginia. Order your Sophia Jazz Bass Pickup Set today and discover the true essence of country and classic rock bass tones. Unleash your inner legend!



  • 9.5kohm
  • Alnico 2
  • 2 conductor
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