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Withers Bridge

Withers Bridge

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The Withers Humbucker – a tribute to the soulful vibes of West Virginia legend Bill Withers. 

The Withers bridges the gap between modern and vintage. Its asymmetrically-wound coils allow it to occupy a sonic space between a humbucker and a single coil; it has the smooth low end, moderate output, and noiseless operation of a humbucker as well as the detailed high-end and wide dynamic range of a single coil. The result is a hi-fi sound that captures the detail and nuance in your playing while refraining from sounding or feeling sterile. Vocal overtones and harmonics will seem to jump out of your fingers, yet each note will be heard clearly, even in dense chords or under high gain.

Although the Withers has a completely unique sound and construction, it remains a truly versatile pickup. Utilize the four-conductor wiring for dozens of different sounds. Rotate it 180° for a different flavor. Use it for pristine cleans, edge of breakup, or tight high-gain tones. It will be right at home in any genre and will help bring out your individual voice as a player.

The Withers humbucker pairs exceptionally well with the Withers single coils for HSS guitars or the 77 for HH guitars


Elevate your tone, and embrace the versatility of vintage and modern tones with the Withers. 


  • 42/43 AWG
  • Alnico A5 magnet
  • 8.7kΩ DCR
  • 4 conductor wiring
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